About us

F3 LSW is a charity established after the untimely death of Logan, who’s beloved Mercedes AMG A45 bore the personal registration F3 LSW. The charity has two aims, the first is to raise awareness of charities organisations and groups who operate in the Matlock area who can help with all mental health drug and suicide awareness for the local community, by means of fliers and posters in local businesses pubs and clubs. The second is to raise money to help fund those charities who can deliver help and support to the people of Matlock and the surround area suffering from Mental Health issues, drug abuse and suicidal tendencies through outreach programs help lines support activities. We will also be actively supporting the Derbyshire mountain rescue team in recognition for the difficult and hard work the undertook following Logan’s suicide.

Logans Story

Logan was a bright intelligent 21 year old with an enormous infectious smile. He had recently completed his apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer at a Darley Dale company, who became is second family and a great support of the charity. The last months of Logan’s life saw him take the wrong path being introduced to illegal drugs, the effects were catastrophic, within 6 months Logan’s dependence on drugs had seen a monumental deterioration in his mental health manifesting in suicidal tendencies which culminated in him taking his life on the 21st August 2018.

14th September 2018

By Tillie Woolliscroft


Logan, you were laid in a white coffin to match your car. Your plates were hung with honor. You came home one last time. Pilchards been waiting for you. You were marched from home where our neighbors bowed their heads. You were marched through Matlock where this time it wasn’t your smile that brought the town to a stop. You were followed by those who loved you the most and you were led by a man who took pride in the life you lived. You were greeted by hundreds. You were carried by 4, to the song you and mum used to listen. You were hugged by your two brothers and you were held by your dad and grandad. The room never fell silent as memories replayed. Simon told all about the man you grew to be, the boy we’ve always loved. Everyone cried for you. Your car was Centre piece as we left you to rest. Nobody can make it pop as you did. She misses you too. If there’s one thing you left it’s the memory of your smile. It’s the pride in your dads eyes. It’s the loss in so many hearts. Logan Steven Jerome Woolliscroft. Never to be forgotten.

The Bike Ride

Our first charity fundraising event will be a 160 mile coast to coast bike ride over a period of five days. We have mapped out the route below and you can see more in detail. The 'Black&White 45ers' will spend 70% of the route off road with some of the most demanding climbs and assents they could ever wish to take on.

Coast to coast route for fundraising
  • Day 1

    The warm up

    Starting on the west coast the village of St Bees we will set off with our back wheels in the water. Read More

  • Day 2

    To the clouds boys

    19.5 miles sounds like another warm up but today we reach new heights. Read More

  • Day 3

    Saddle sore

    45 miles that has it all, Roads, Tracks and paths that’ll take us up and over the M6 away from the Lakes. Read More

  • Day 4

    Are we there yet

    leaving Hawes knowing that ahead we have 52 miles to cover again on roads, track and paths but reassured that it’ll not be as hard as... Read More

  • Day 5

    Love to see the sea

    The last day, the last 40 miles. A day of beautiful lanes and tracks in the North York Moors. Read More

And Finish!

Our Sponsors

The aim of F3 LSW is to give every penny raised by sponsored events or donations towards helping people in Matlock and the surrounding areas who are suffering from Mental Health issues, suicidal tenancies or drug abuse. In order to achieve this aim we have the support of a number of local business who have pledged to donate money to help fund the charity allowing us to facilitate fundraising.

Contact Us

If you would like some more information or would be interested in sponsoring us please don't hesitate to get in touch. We aim to reply to all messages as quickly as possible.